Rigid Crane System

1. Easy movement & long life 2. Superior load positioning 3. Easy installation 4. Modular design 5. Floor or ceiling mounted cranes 6. High structure stability,safe & reliable

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Product Details

Rigid Crane System 


Rigid crane system is designed to meet the varied and demanding requirements of workstations and production lines that need up to 2,000 kg of lifting capacity. They can be ceiling-mounted or freestanding, single or double girder bridges, or even monorails.


Feature of Rigid crane system

1. Increase productivity while cost saving

2. Factory don't need to change:

3. Modular design for greater flexibility 

4. Light and small, more accurate positioning

5. More energy conservation and environmental protection

6. Low noise

7. Free maintenance, high comprehensive benefits

8. Easy installation

Applications with lighter loads (less than 2000 kg) 

●Parts assembly 
●Injection molding 
●Warehouse loading docks 
●Process equipment maintenance 
●Truck service centers

Factory View of Finework Cranes


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