Single Girder Underslung Overhead Crane

1. Under-slung crane is a light duty overhead crane (from 0.5T to 10T capacity)
2. There are two kinds of electric hoist! One is CD1 model with one single normal speed. Another one is MD1 model double lifting speed hoist, one normal speed and one slow speed; the slow speed can meet your precise work demands.
3. The rail is fixed on the roof, and the crane is under-slung the rail and move to right and left
4. Control methods: remote control, press button panel with line or remote control& panel control

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Single Girder Underslung Overhead Crane


Single girder underslung overhead crane  is a light and small material handling equipment. The whole set single girder overhead crane is used with CD and MD type electric hoist, electric chain hoist, etc .It’s usually used in the environment that the headroom is too samll to set the main girder and end truck of the crane


The product adopts a ground controlling and works at a temperature of -20°c to 40°c. It is usually used in the working environment with no combustible, explosive or corrosive substance or media, such as, machinery assembly, warehouse, caves, etc.

Suspension bridge crane

Technical Parameter of Single Girder Underslung Overhead Crane

Lifting capacity0.5t1t2t3t5t10t
Crane traveling mechanismTraveling speed20/30 m/min
Lifting mechanismElectric hoistmodelCD1/MD1
Lifting speed0.5t~5t8,0.8/8 m/min
Lifting height6;9;12;18;24;30m
Traveling mechanismTraveling speed20/30m/min
motorTaper type rotor motor
Working systemIntermediate FC=25%
power3-phase AC380v 50hz
Diameter of the wheel0.5~3t134mm
Applicable track I-steel0.5~2t120a~145c


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